Becky Pengilly  

11+ Tutor

Latest news for parents and students

                                        OCTOBER 2017


All of you worked with energy and enthusiastm towards your 11+ and whilst I hope so much you have the result you desire, it is important for me to say this:

You are incredible young people and although the 11+ is a part of your school life, it is not everything. You decide on the future you would like, the career and all the wonderful activities you want to enjoy.



Do contact me this weekend with news of the results.   I am confident there will be many, very happy young people this Friday and Saturday. However, remember I am here to support and advise if your son or daughter does not have the outcome they were hoping for.  Together we can consider the next step and reassure them.  As always, my main concern is for the children.


Half-term already!  Our children have been incredible, organising themselves confidently with an array of materials and books. Their different personalities are beginning to shine through and I am so excited about working with them in the months to come.

The team has increased: Laura, Roop, Cameron and Natasha are joined by Dylan who is volunteering as part of his D of E award.  All are my past pupils and superb role models who bring a range of sport, music as well as academic skills to our unique 11+ set up!


English: Comprehension skills, synonyms and vocabulary too, which involved the children focusing on 87 new words. I trust they have shared the vocabulary activities for parents, grandparents and siblings to participate in!

Verbal Reasoning: We have learnt five types of VR question that are in the GL Assessment 11+ Paper.

Maths/Numeracy:   Using mathematical vocabulary to explain concepts; number work focus such as: negative and positive integers, square root, squared and cubed numbers, factors, multiples and relevant symbols.

Finding percentages such as 15% and 35% and linking this to worded problem solving with two steps.

Introduction to: The mean, mode, range and median.

Non-verbal Reasoning:  With the use of a super new book we have studied: Rotation, Reflection and The Odd One Out.


Have a super half-term; we break up on Thursday 19th October. I shall look forward to welcoming the children back to  their 11+ sessions on Tuesday 31st October, Wednesday 1st or Thursday 2nd of November after half-term.